Learner Driver News

28 October 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Are P plates mandatory?

Some will be surprised that P plates (that is P for ‘probationary’) are mandatory, but you do not have to display them unless you live in Northern Ireland. There, you must use ‘R’ plates for one year after you pass your test.

The idea of P plates is that they help you – as a new driver – encourage patience from your fellow users. After all, you may have still been a learner driver just a few days previously!

Many hate the idea of declaring to the world that they are new and inexperienced to driving, but they are especially handy if you are in a learning a new area, or are a driving in weather conditions that you’re not used to yet.


How long should you use P plates?

This simple answer here is that you can use P Plates for as long as you like! If you’re worried about looking uncool, then you can always store them in the boot and use them in scenarios where you’re feeling less confident, like on the motorway, or on a journey you haven’t done yet.

The truth is some new drivers feel confident after weeks, but it is not unusual to keep P Plates on your vehicle for months. The key is do what you feel comfortable with.

If you’ve read this blog post because you’ve recently passed your driving test – congratulations! We’ve got lots of other posts you may enjoy reading, like our guide to choosing your first car. Don’t forget, you’ll also need to arrange your car insurance. You get can get a free quotation in just a few clicks.