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13 November 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Driving Tips: How to say safe on the roads this winter

For many, the start of winter is the last weekend in October when the clocks go back. The following week, we wake up in pitch dark and likely leave work in darkness, too....
17 October 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

12 Tips On Reducing Your Car Insurance Premium

Owning a car can be one of life’s biggest expenses, both in terms of initial purchase and the running costs. Insurance, tax, petrol, servicing – it all adds up. If you are looking at renewing your car insurance, we’ve gathered some top tips on how you can achieve the lowest premium....
23 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Planning a driving holiday in the EU? Here’s what you need to know before you go

We are heading towards a no deal Brexit, and that has major consequences for those looking to drive abroad. With 55% of UK motorists unaware that they must carry a Green Card when driving in the EU, we’ve taken a look at everything you need to consider before starting your journey....
14 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Take a second look for motorbikes

With warmer weather finally on the way, Road Safety GB is urging motorists to watch out for motorbikes on the roads....
13 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Motorists confused about driving laws

Did you know that swearing at another motorist or splashing water at a pedestrian could land you with a hefty fine?...
12 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

British motorists prefer driving on European roads

They say that grass is greener on the other side, but it seems that this really may be the case when it comes to roads on the continent....
09 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Potholes The Bane Of Drivers' Lives

We're approaching that time of year again when potholes start to take over Britain's roads, leaving many drivers with damaged vehicles and the prospect of having to make a claim from their local authority....
05 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

How safe is your driving?

Most people reckon they are safe behind the wheel, but a new survey has revealed that many motorists readily admit to a wide variety of driving offences and bad driving habits....