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13 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Motorists confused about driving laws

New research by Jardine Motors Group reveals that millions of drivers in the UK are unsure about the rules of the road.

The dealership group found that more than half of drivers don't know that swearing at a fellow motorist could result in a fine of up to 75% of your weekly income.

Splashing pedestrians by driving through a puddle could also result in a fine of up to £5,000, up to nine penalty points, or in severe cases having to go to court.

More than 1,400 people took part in Jardine's Driving Genius quiz and only 2% answered all the questions correctly.

Nearly half don't know that it's illegal to pay at a drive-thru with a smartphone if your handbrake isn't applied and your engine is running.

Traffic lights are another area of confusion, with more than one in 10 believing that a single amber light is followed by a green signal. Another 13% mistakenly said it goes to a red and amber together. Less than three quarters correctly said it leads to a red light.

Meanwhile, one in five didn't realise it's illegal to flash your headlights at others to warn them of a speed camera.

Spokesman Matt Wrigley said: "Everyone works hard to swot up before their driving test, but how many of us actively keep up to date with the rules of the road?

"Our Driving Genius quiz highlighted a number of areas where misunderstanding exists, particularly around new rules which have been introduced since that magical moment that we passed our test.

"For example, over a quarter of respondents could not identify the correct penalty for using a handheld mobile phone."

If you use your phone while driving, it could result in a £200 fine and six penalty points.

However, just half of drivers were aware that in an emergency situation you are allowed to use your phone while driving to call 999.

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