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26 March 2020 by Harry Brown

Government announces six month MOT exemption during the coronavirus outbreak

The Government has announced this week that cars, motorcycles and vans will be granted temporary MOT exemption during the coronavirus outbreak.


From Monday (30th March 2020), owners whose vehicle needs an MOT from that date onwards will be granted a six month exemption. This will enable drivers to continue to travel to work where this cannot be done from home, or shop for necessities; measures that have been laid out in the latest advice from the government.


Within the announcement, it was stressed that vehicles must be kept in roadworthy condition and garages will remain open for essential repair work. Drivers can be prosecuted if driving unsafe vehicles.

The legislation will be in effect for 12 months. For more information, please visit the government website here:

There is separate guidance about what to do if your MOT due date is up to and including 29 March 2020.

There are different temporary rules for MOT tests for lorries, buses and trailers.