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12 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

British motorists prefer driving on European roads

According to new research by RAC Europe, nearly two thirds (63%) of British drivers believe roads in mainland Europe have fewer queues and over half (53%) feel minor roads are less congested than those in the UK.

But it isn't just the lack of congestion that appeals to Brits, as nearly seven in 10 (69%) said that major roads are better maintained abroad and more than half (54%) state that the condition of minor roads are superior to that of the UK's potholed roads, FleetNews reports.

Motorway service areas provide motorists with a chance to refuel and rest before getting back behind the wheel. The research suggests that mainland Europe also provides better service areas. Nearly half (46%) of respondents said they favour those abroad, compared to just 25% who say there is little difference between those in the UK and elsewhere in the EU.

"It really does seem to be a welcome break for UK motorists when they venture abroad by car. Almost half (43%) say they find the experience less stressful than driving on Britain's broken roads," commented RAC Europe spokesman Rod Dennis.

He continued: "With high levels of frustration over the quality of the road surfaces, the sheer volume of traffic, and poor driving standards, it is little wonder that Brits appear to be enjoying their motoring experience abroad."

Do you find driving abroad less stressful than in the UK?