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04 October 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Interview with Daisy: Revising for the theory test


Having to do a test for anything can be daunting. So what is it like doing the theory test? We interviewed our colleague Daisy, as she prepares for the big day.


So Daisy, what was your first step in preparing for your theory?

Booking it! I booked the test a couple of months in advance so that I had a clear goal; I knew this would give me the motivation to revise. I would recommend this as the test is really difficult– you need to learn your stuff!

💡 You can change the date of your test up to three days before, if you feel you may not be quite ready.


What was your revision plan?

I took the advice from some people at work to give myself a month to revise for the test. I have been fitting it in after work, and on the bus to the office! I didn’t do too badly, but you have to get 43 out of 50 so I’m not counting my chickens just yet, but I am feeling more confident as each day passes.


What have you used to help you?

My boyfriend – who recently passed his driving test - advised me to download The Official DVSA Theory Test app. It has a cost of £4.99 but I think it is worth paying for – it’s also cheaper than retaking your test! You can revise both the theory test and the notoriously tricky hazard perception parts of the test on there. Being official, the questions and answers could be the same that are in the test on the day.

Once downloaded, I immediately took my mock test to see where I was at. I think this is a good way of learning as you get a real feel for the questions in the test and you know what to expect.

Mock Test


So how did you do?!

Without doing any revision, I scored a result of 33 out of 50! You will be surprised at how much of it really is common sense. Don’t be fooled though as every single mock test question is picked at random from a bank of over 700.

I have been retrying the mock test twice a day and my knowledge has definitely improved; I passed after 4 days of revision. My technique is to:

  • I take a mock test on my journey into work, checking topics I got the lowest score on.
  • On my lunch break, I go to the ‘practice’ section of the app and revise on the specific sections that I received a lower score. I will then use the time on return home to revise the sections further.
  • When I get home from work, I take another mock test after having revised the sections during the day.

💡 Pick times of the day that you will be able to give yourself some time to revise and try and stick to it. Try setting an or alarm on your phone to help you remember!


Congratulations on the practice pass! Do you think you’re ready for your Theory Test then?

I have actually found committing to revising easier than I thought it was going to be. The thought of revising and doing any test is a bit daunting but once you get into it becomes part of your daily routine, it doesn’t seem so difficult!

It’s hard to say whether I will need longer, because there are definitely topics that I still need to learn. The best advice I could give is to just stick at it and push yourself to revise. Practice makes perfect!


Is there any other advice or tips you would like to give, Daisy?

I have learnt that the theory test is quite generous with time, so you shouldn’t rush through. I have seen in the mock theory tests that there are a number of trick questions – it’s easy to race through, when there are in fact subtle differences. Learn through gaining knowledge, not just remembering answers.

When you are revising with the official app, you can click ‘Explain’ on a question and it will explain the answer to you. Google has also been great for clarifying answers too. Just make sure they are up-to-date and relevant to the UK theory test.

💡  Daisy also has the Highway Code book. It has sections on roads signs, with larger visuals to make learning easier.


When will you start learning to drive?

My dad has offered to give me some lessons in his old VW Beetle! I am just looking into getting insured. Once I’ve had a few lessons with dad, I am saving up for an intensive course. But first, I just want to focus on getting the theory test done.

We hope Daisy has been of help to you fellow learner drivers. You can follow her journey as we will be catching up with Daisy after she has taken her theory test - wish her luck!