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08 October 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

The benefits of an intensive driving course


According to the stats from the DVSA, learners need an average of 47 lessons before they pass their driving test. Here, we look at Intensive Driving Courses, which claim to get you through the process in under 2 weeks.

Traditionally, most learner drivers fit lessons in and around their schedule. The danger is that having large gaps between them can lead you to losing your ‘feel’ for driving, or forgetting key aspects of previous lessons. The result? You have to spend more time and money on extra lessons covering old ground.

The alternative? You could look at the option of the intensive driving ‘crash course’, which many driving schools claim deliver a much higher pass rate.

HOLD YOUR HORSES: Passed your theory test? You’ll need our tips on passing that first!


What exactly is an Intensive Driving Course?

Quite simply, this is a case of cramming in lessons in a shorter space of time. There are no rules on how long the intensive driving should last, but it will be somewhat dependent on whether you have any previous experience. Some people will be completely novices, whereas some may wish to just focus on weak area.

One key aspect is as part of the ‘package’, the aim is to have your practical test booked at the end of the Intensive Driving Course. If time is the enemy, or you’re simply desperate to get behind the wheel, it could be the perfect route to driving.

Typically, most people will book a 1 or 2 week course. You should budget around £1,000 a week for the lessons.


Is the Intensive Driving Course option easier?

Taking the intensive route isn’t a guarantee that you will find driving easier. The theory is you will have less time to forget elements, but then you are also under more pressure. For some, they will find this stimulating and enjoyable, whilst others may hate that pressure – it really depends on how you like to learn.

Ultimately, whether you go for the Intensive Driving Course or spread lessons over weeks or months, you’ll be doing exactly the same test and cover the same techniques.


The perfect solution then!

Well, nothing’s ever perfect! Some instructors feel rushing through an intensive driving course is a way of passing the test, but doesn’t teach you enough valuable lessons about real-world driving. If you spread your lessons over a greater distance of time, you will likely experience more scenarios and a range of weather conditions that may prepare you better for driving once you have passed.

One barrier is the ability to pay for an intensive course. Whilst it should cost you less in the long run versus conventional lessons, there’s no getting round the fact that an intensive driving course involves a lump sum to be paid, shortly followed by paying for your test.

So, an intensive driving course is a great idea for those super keen to get their license, with the added advantage of (theoretically!) being cheaper in the long run! However, whichever route you take for lessons, your instructor is key. Make sure you choose one an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) who is fully qualified to DVSA standards. Good reviews are important too; ideally recent ones from people close to you. It’s all very well them being competent, but it’s also important that you get on with them and communicate well together.


What insurance do I need when taking an Intensive Driving Course?

Driving lessons include insurance, but if you wish to squeeze in some extra practice with a friend or family member, don’t forget that you’ll need Learner Driver Insurance to cover you. This is a special form of short-term insurance for 30, 60 or 90 day periods. You can then bolt on 7 or 14 extra days if a little more practice is needed!


What do people say?

There’s nothing like getting advice from people who have completed the Intensive Driving Course themselves. You can check out a discussion on The Student Room forum. We also have got an opinion from one of our Geoffrey team, who recently went on a course:

“I’ve also been a ‘crammer’ when it comes to revising for exams, so when it came to learning to drive, the intensive route really appealed. After a couple of introduction lessons, I went ahead and booked a 5-day crash course with the same instructor, which culminated with the test at the end. I loved it! It meant I got really comfortable with the car and everything I had learned was fresh in my mind for the all-important test. I passed with just 1 minor, so have recommended this route ever since!”