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05 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

How safe is your driving?

In the national consumer research study of 1,200 people by Select Car Leasing, 98% considered themselves to be 'safe drivers'.

Yet this is brought into question by the driving habits picked up since they passed their test, including driving with just one hand on the wheel (43%), speeding in areas with no speed cameras (39%), eating/drinking while driving (37%), accelerating through amber lights (34%), and not using indicators (22%).

Despite the risk of six penalty points and a £200 fine, many are also unable to resist picking up their phone to check for messages (14%), text (5%), and read emails or access the internet (5%).

"Given the contrast that our survey has revealed between people's beliefs about how safely they drive versus their actual driving behaviour, there are clearly steps that need taking by the government and the motoring industry in raising awareness about what constitutes truly safe driving practices," Select Car Leasing said.

Respondents were also asked what new safety technology they would value on a new vehicle, and the top five features were:

1. Tyre pressure monitors

2. Blind spot monitoring

3. Engine temperature check

4. Slippery surface detection

5. Forward collision warning

However, only 1 in 12 (8%) know their vehicle's Euro NCAP safety rating -- suggesting that drivers are underestimating how the overall protection offered by their vehicle affects survival in the event of an accident.

Better education about safety ratings and new car safety features would help empower drivers to make the right safety choice for them and their family when choosing their next car, the leasing company concluded.

Did you consider safety features when you bought your car?