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02 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

How will it affect your car insurance if you're caught speeding?

According to an analysis of nearly 36,000 insurance quotes by insurance market research firm Consumer Intelligence, the average cost of speeding for insurance across all speeding offences equates to £50 a year -- in addition to the minimum fine for speeding of £100 plus three penalty points.

The biggest impact comes from being caught speeding on a motorway, which adds an extra £101 to the average annual car insurance bill.

Drivers without any speeding convictions pay an average £693 a year but that jumps to £743 a year with any speeding conviction, and those with a motorway speeding conviction face an average insurance bill of £794 a year.

What's more, the maximum fine for speeding offences can be as high as £2,500 depending on the severity of the offence.

The most recent government figures show that 1.97 million fixed penalty notices for speeding offences were issued in 2016, with that number up 32% since 2011.

While some drivers are offered speed awareness courses as an alternative, any speeding endorsements remain on driving licences for four years from the date of the offence and insurers ask drivers to declare any motoring convictions within the past five years.

Consumer Intelligence pricing expert John Blevins commented: "Our analysis shows that the cost of speeding is not just the fine but the higher insurance bill.

"At more than £100 a year for being caught exceeding the limit on a motorway or £50 on a public road it is substantial considering insurers ask about any convictions in the past five years.

"Insurers understandably take the view that drivers who break the speed limit are potentially a greater risk and, as a consequence, put up the cost of motor insurance. Premiums may be heading down again after years of increases but drivers who break the law will not benefit from any price reductions."

Do you think it's fair that drivers caught speeding pay more for their insurance?