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23 August 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Motorists unaware of cyclists' rights on the road

The electric bikes specialist surveyed 1,000 motorists across the UK, revealing that 81% believe that cyclists have to stay on the left-hand side of the road, and 65% think they must use a cycle lane if there is one there. Neither of these are requirements under the law.

Almost three quarters of drivers (73%) think that cyclists are not allowed to ride two abreast (a figure that rises to 92% among Londoners), while almost a quarter think that cyclists are allowed to ride on pavements, Cycling Weekly reports.

In addition, over half of those surveyed (53%) didn't know that cyclists can ride on dual carriageways.

This lack of knowledge can lead to accidents and driver/cyclist confrontations, said The Voice, reporting on the research.

As many as 39% of drivers confessed they have got angry with a cyclist, thinking they are breaking the law or cycling without proper care and attention. In the South East an astonishing 80% admitted that they have shouted at a cyclist.

"A lack of knowledge about cyclists' rights on our roads is leading to altercations and accidents," said Matt Flanagan from eBikes Direct. "In order for us to all stay safe and happy on our roads, it's vital that we equip ourselves with the right information."

Have you ever got frustrated by cyclists on the road?Motorists unaware of cyclists' rights on the road