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09 September 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Potholes The Bane Of Drivers' Lives

It comes as little surprise, then, that the state of the UK's local roads is the top concern for drivers, according to a new survey.
Breakdown specialists the RAC questioned 1,500 motorists on where they believe UK roads can be improved, with one in ten highlighting the condition of local roads as an obvious concern – while a further 20% listed it as one of their four main issues.
With half of respondents claiming to have seen the quality of roads in their area deteriorate in the past 12 months -- and only 10% witnessing an improvement -- drivers' concerns seem well founded.
However, with the Local Government Association insisting that current funding levels mean councils do not have the money to carry out durable improvements on roads, it suggests motorists will have to navigate around potholes for a little while longer.
RAC chief engineer David Bizley said he understands why improving roads is near the bottom of councils' to-do lists – but that doesn't make the situation any less frustrating.
"[Councils] are under specific legal obligation to provide minimum standards in education and social services whereas their obligations to maintain roads are far less prescriptive," he said.
"It is therefore inevitable that expenditure is biased against investment in the likes of road maintenance where prescriptive legal obligations do not exist and councillors therefore do not face legal sanctions."
The Department for Transport countered by stressing that it is "providing nearly £6 billion to councils in England to maintain local roads over the next six years".
However, RAC's 2015 Report on Motoring suggests drivers are less than convinced they will see a marked improvement.