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19 June 2019 by Geoffrey Insurance

Most popular cat breeds

And, according to a survey by IAMS UK, we love to pamper our feline friends. In fact, we spend a combined total of £7.9bn on our furry pals every year. Almost half (46%) of cat owners buy gifts for their companion and a fifth (20%) treat them to a present every single month.

More than half (55%) of cat owners have a moggy, a cat that does not have a pedigree. But that's not to say that Brits don't love pedigree cats as well. As Country Living reports, the most popular pedigree cat breeds in the UK are:

• British shorthair

• Bengal

• Siamese

• Maine Coon

• Persian

• Ragdoll

• Russian Blue

• Scottish Fold

• Savannah Cat

• Sphynx Cat

While dogs may have the reputation for being man's best friend, it is clear that many of us feel the same way about our feline friends. So why are so many of us crazy about cats? The top reasons cited by owners are that they make great company (52%), love to cuddle (33%), have a playful nature (30%), are intelligent (22%) and are independent (28%).

The top words owners would use to describe their cat are happy (57%), loving (33%), and mischievous (24%). But their personalities seem to differ around the country.

The happiest cats in the UK are from East Anglia (81%), according to IAMS UK. Meanwhile, Scotland has the friendliest felines (44%), Yorkshire has the most mischievous (33%), and Wales is home to the sleepiest cats (25%).

Owners in the North West pamper their pets the most (35%), while the North East is home to the most loving (63%). A fifth (20%) of Londoners describe their cat as a 'foodie', while those in the South East are considered 'nibblers' (20%).

In the South West, cats are seen as energetic (25%) and athletic (20%), while 40% of moggies in Northern Ireland are seen as adventurous, followed by nosy (20%), and greedy (20%).